Grp sheets and grp rolls by Brianza plastica,
leader manufacturer of fibreglass laminates
elyplast grp sheets and grp rolls
grp sheets for roofing and other applications


Technical data

The laminates made of polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass have the following technical features:




Specific weight

1,400 g/cm3 (approx.)

Internal method

Operating temperature

-40°C + 120°C

Internal method

Elyplast reaction to fire *

The GRP laminates don’t drip. Italian reaction to fire class (assumed) 4

ELYONDA version, reaction to fire

Class 1 (Approval from Italian Ministry of the Interior)

M.D. 26/06/84
M.D. 03/09/01

Elyonda/Cesarea ≥ 4.2 kg/m2: C S3 d0 BROOF(t1)

UNI EN 13501-1
UNI EN 13501-5

Light transmission

Clear translucent 82%, opal 56% milky white 35%
(1 mm thickness)

UNI EN 1013

Linear thermal expansion

3 x 10-5° C-1

UNI EN 1013

Water absorption

≤ 1%

Internal method

* Depending on the thickness and if any self-extinguishing resins were used, the Elyplast laminates are able to meet different fire-resistant levels in compliance with the EN13501, EN13823, EN-ISO11925, DIN4102 and NF P 90-505 standards

Resistant to chemical agents

Reinforced polyester laminates are not affected by the action of the following acids, in the solutions marked according to the concentration and test temperature between 30 and 50°C:

Acetic acid ==> 5%

Sulphuric acid ==> 30%

Sulphuric acid ==> 10%

Ethyl alcohol ==> 95%

Nitric ==> 10%

Benzol ==> 30%

Dimensional and qualitative tolerances

Refer to the UNI EN 1013 standards