Grp sheets and grp rolls by Brianza plastica,
leader manufacturer of fibreglass laminates
elyplast grp sheets and grp rolls
grp sheets for roofing and other applications

service information


  • The empty spaces in the roofing to be covered with transparent or opaque materials must be permanently protected by using a metallic net in accordance with the test required by UNI 494.
  • Do not lay the sheets in case of strong wind.
  • Do not treat the surfaces with unsuitable products (e.g.: paint remover, acids, solvents, strong bases).
  • Do not expose to flames.
  • Do not walk on the sheets without a weight distribution board.

Snow and wind loads: the design takes into account loads resulting from snow and wind depending on the area and altitude. The test consists of ascertaining that the sheet (corrugated or ribbed) selected for the roofing in a particular area at a particular altitude is properly resistant. For loading capacity of the various profiles refer to the appropriate table.

Packaging, handling and storage

Elyplast rolls are palletised; the rolls are individually packaged with cardboard and protective stretch film and travel freely inside the transport vehicle or arranged on pallets. When unloading, the product must be handled with suitable lifting equipment (otherwise it must be unloaded by hand, one sheet at a time), avoiding accidental impacts and abrasions that could compromise its aesthetic and functional characteristics.
If the material is stored outdoors, it must be protected from the sun and rain by tarpaulins.