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GRP straight sheets

Selection of GRP straight sheets

These GRP straight sheets come in a wide range of profiles which reflects the shapes of the sheet metal elements most commonly used for roofing, translucent walls and for continuous and discontinuous skylights on pitched roofs.
Self-curving: Elyplast 76/18 profile can be curved within certain limits during installation, especially when roofs are not flat (circular, semi-circular, etc.), as in the case of tunnel greenhouses.

GRP straight corrugated sheets

grp straight corrugated sheets


GRP straight ribbed sheets


Installation of GRP straight sheets

GRP straight sheets for roofing are laid from the bottom upwards and perpendicular to the gutter line.

Direction of longitudinal installation: opposite to the direction of the prevailing winds.

Head overlap: in the case of slopes lower than 7%, it is preferable to use sheet lengths equal to that of the pitch width (up to 6 m) in order to prevent water from flowing back inside in the event of particularly heavy rain and strong winds in the direction of the ridge line. When transversal or head overlaps are required, their length must be the one indicated in the table, appropriate to the width of the pitch up to 15 m.

Longitudinal overlap: on fibrocement, it is recommended to allow an overlap of one wave and a quarter; and at least one complete wave for metal sheets.

Disposal of rainwater on low slopes: for slopes between 7% and 15%, the disposal of water may not be ensured if the wave the corrugated or ribbed sheets is not high enough. In these cases, it is advisable to use profiles with higher waves and ribs.

Thermal expansion: the surface temperature can vary from summer to winter by more than 50°C; to compensate the increase in length for GRP sheets that are longer than 3 metres, it is recommended to make oval-shaped fixing holes (according to the length).

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