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Mechanical resistant GRP rolls have long-term effects

Benefits of using mechanical resistant GRP rolls

Flexural rigidity and tensile strength of fiberglass give significant reason for the overwhelming request and use of mechanical resistant GRP rolls for roofs, covertures or disclosures. Due exactly to the stratification of polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement, Elyplast GRP rolls produced by Brianza Plastica feature a high rigidity and resistance under various stresses, such as pressure and traction. Compared with traditional metallic or other plastic materials, our products can better and longer withstand shocks, breakages, scratches and abrasion caused by impacts or aggressive atmospheric conditions. Therefore, the major advantage of mechanical resistance GRP rolls, supported by other strengths like low coefficient of thermal expansion and corrosion endurance, is the capability of keeping their structural and functional integrity for a long serving life.

mechanical resistant GRP rolls

Mechanical resistance is vital in many applications

Mechanical resistant GRP rolls undeniably fit for multiple applications because they offer the necessary robustness and stiffness to build safe and sturdy outdoor structures which are typically exposed to damage risks and atmospheric agents. Thanks to the great adaptability of the wide range of Elyplast GRP rolls and according to the specific requirements of customers, our products can be used for the realization of roofs, vertical disclosures and skylights in plenty of constructions. More precisely, Elyplast GRP rolls are widely used in construction industry for the realization of industrial and residential buildings. Also, exploiting other specific features of fiberglass, our products allow for the creation of agricultural buildings like livestock or greenhouses. Finally, mechanical resistance of Elyplast GRP rolls is also appreciated by DIY enthusiasts for the realization of the most varied household structures like pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on.

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