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Dimension stable GRP sheets are a real catch

Widespread coverage of dimension stable GRP sheets

The use of Elyplast products is recommended in most environments and applications since, among other convenient and correlated features, they are real dimension stable GRP sheets. Given that a good dimensional stability of laminates strictly depends on the components of their material, fiberglass is not sensitive to dimensional variations resulting from exposure to temperature and moisture. Compared to other plastic materials, GRP sheets can withstand high levels of humidity and a range of temperatures going from -40°C to +120°C without running into swelling, expansion, or shrinkage, but keeping their shape and preserving their efficiency. The structural integrity of dimension stable GRP sheets results in a long durability and high performance over time even on extreme weather conditions which allow the application of Elyplast products in multiple geographic areas, both in very cold and warm areas. As further proof of that, Brianza Plastica have met international customers’ needs with its products for years which made it gain a strong presence and good reputation all over the world.

Typical applications

Elyplast laminates are suitable for several applications, including roofs, vertical disclosures and skylights in residential and industrial buildings, agricultural structures like greenhouses, farms and livestock and DIY structures like pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on. Considering that any construction needs to be designed and built according to environmental conditions, being dimension stable GRP sheets certainly helps their versatility. Basically, all the above-mentioned structures are daily exposed to atmospheric agents and changes of temperatures. Moreover, some applications imply more aggressive temperatures and humidity conditions due to their geographic position.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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