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Low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP rolls

Low thermal expansion material for outdoor structures

Selecting Elyplast low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP rolls during the design and construction of outdoor structures is a convenient approach to improve their performance and durability over time ensuring a good dimensional stability under environmental variations. In the long run, the exposure to elevated temperatures can lead to warping and expansion which inevitably compromise the structural integrity and efficiency of coverings. The coefficient of thermal expansion is unique to each material and is based on its physical properties: the higher this value is, the more the material will expand in reaction to heat. Whilst traditional plastic laminates have a higher propensity for change in size under temperature variations, Elyplast low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP rolls withstand up to 120°C, always keeping their original shape and dimension and preserving their functionality.

low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP rolls

Limitless applications

Thanks to a combination of different convenient features, Elyplast GRP rolls have a great flexibility and versatility in terms of type and site application. Their easy handling and customization allow for the realization of roofs, curtain walls, vertical closures and skylights for the most common outdoor structures: residential and industrial buildings, agricultural structures like greenhouses, farms and livestock and DIY structures including verandas, pergolas, tool sheds or fences. Due to their resistant structure to any environmental condition, Elyplast GRP rolls can be installed in multiple geographic area. In particular, the low coefficient of thermal expansion of GRP rolls permits their excellent and durable application even during summer and in typical warm and hot territories where constructions are daily exposed to the highest temperatures without worrying about potential dimension variations or loss of efficiency.

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