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Corrosion resistant GRP rolls keep and prolong structures’ life

Any outdoor construction could rely on corrosion resistant GRP laminates

Given that roll format of laminates is a professional solution for roofing and covering just like sheets and panels, designers and builders working in the wide construction industry know the advantages of using corrosion resistant GRP rolls rather than others translucent or opaque plastic materials,  metal or concrete. Outdoor structures are daily exposed to atmosphere agents, chemicals or other aggressive elements which can corrode and damage them overtime. Hence, since fiberglass features higher resistance when exposed to such conditions compared with alternative materials, the use of corrosion resistant GRP rolls is the ideal solution. As leading manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass laminates, Brianza Plastica is a reference point for such consumer demands serving multiple construction applications. Thanks to their intrinsic corrosion resistance, Elyplast GRP rolls can be used for roofing, vertical disclosure and skylights in industrial, residential and agricultural (especially greenhouses and livestock) buildings. Likewise, also DIY enthusiasts appreciate Elyplast rolls to realize personal construction like pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on.

corrosion resistant GRP rolls

Benefits of corrosion resistant GRP rolls

Choosing corrosion resistant rolls can significantly influence and ensure their longevity and proper functions, since this is an impactful phenomenon for all material properties. On one hand, corrosion is responsible for staining and discoloration of the surface. On the other hand, it can impact properties like mechanical strength or impermeability, compromising the operating efficiency of the material as a consequence. Elyplast corrosion resistant GRP rolls don’t suffer the natural and irreversible process of deterioration and premature failure caused by corrosive environmental conditions or chemical substances. Due to its lack of reactivity to such elements, fiberglass avoids the risk of corrosion and rust creation; actually, it preserves functionality of rolls overtime. Of course, this all results in a long service life, as well as low maintenance or less frequent needed replacement. The sturdiness of Elyplast corrosion resistant GRP rolls, combined with their mechanical resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion, lightness and easy handling, make our laminates a very cost-effective solution in lamination field.

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