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Corrosion resistant GRP sheets: a special and versatile trait

Why is choosing corrosion resistant GRP sheets convenient?

Among the features which make them strong and durable, Elyplast products are renowned and appreciated for being corrosion resistant GRP sheets. Their composition is what essentially determines this property: Elyplast GRP sheets are produced by continuous lamination with a stratification of polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement.

corrosion resistant grp sheets

Although corrosion resistance is not the only aspect to be considered when selecting the right material of laminates for a specific application, it’s an important quality which prevent the premature failure of the material itself. The use of corrosion resistant GRP sheets avoids the risk of corrosion and rust creation due to chemicals and atmospheric agents. It goes without saying that this feature results in a long service life of GRP sheets which is added by their mechanical resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion as well. This inherent durability, combined with their lightness and easy handling features, makes GRP sheets the best choice even compared to traditional materials. Indeed, these laminates are widely used as an alternative to metal sheets and concrete for the realization of a wide range of buildings and structures.

An advantage for several applications

Elyplast GRP sheets, in their multiple profiles (straight or curved, translucent or opaque, corrugated or ribbed) are widely used for roofing, vertical disclosure and skylights in industrial, agricultural (especially greenhouses), livestock and residential buildings, as well as in DIY structures like pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on. All these applications need corrosion resistant GRP sheets, first because they are exposed to usual atmosphere agents and possibly to extreme weather conditions, heat, chemicals or other aggressive elements which accelerate the natural and irreversible process of corrosion and the consequent deterioration of the material and all its properties.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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