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GRP flat sheets and rolls as gold standard for outdoor structures

Structural qualities and application flexibility

Fiberglass is a commonly used material for flat roofing and cladding due to its excellent qualities. Elyplast GRP flat sheets and rolls comply with standards and specifications that conventional materials cannot meet, like impact, corrosion, UV or fire resistance to name but a few. GRP sheets and rolls are extremely solid and strong whilst maintaining lightness for an easy handling and installation. Their mechanical and chemical resistance allows to withstand all weather conditions, impacts and chemical agents without denting, rusting or corroding. In addition, GRP sheets can also take advantage of surface protection films to further enhance their quality and resistance. Finally, the low coefficient of thermal expansion of our products is synonym of resistance to heat, high temperatures and fire. Therefore, Elyplast GRP flat sheets and rolls boast long expected lifetimes meaning the construction of functionally and aesthetically stable structures over time. That’s why now Elyplast GRP flat sheets and rolls outdo traditional materials as choice of many professional builders and homeowners for the realization of the most various structures.

GRP flat sheets

GRP flat sheets and rolls for roofing, cladding or subpanels

Elyplast GRP flat sheets and rolls meet several applications ranging from construction industry to DIY projects. On one hand, they address both agricultural and industrial buildings. On the other hand, due to their easy handling and installation, they can be used by DIY enthusiasts in complete autonomy as well. They perfectly fit for the realization of the most various structures: pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on.

However, Elyplast GRP flat sheets and rolls have different roles. With a covering function, GRP flat sheets are just used as structural panels for the realization of roofs. Instead, GRP flat rolls have more than one purpose. They can be utilized to manufacture panels, as well as for the realization of walls, doors, windows and vertical disclosures in general. Also, they represent a valid alternative to other conventional materials for the finishing of subpanels for agricultural and industrial buildings.

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