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Big six clear GRP fibreglass roofing sheets

A mix of strength, lightness and transparency

Big six clear GRP fibreglass roofing sheets by Brianza Plastica are a popular cost-effective and efficient choice for the realization of roofs, claddings and skylights in construction industry. Whether used in industrial, agricultural and DIY structures, these sheets offer reliable protection while enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance of the structure.

Features of big six clear GRP fiberglass roofing sheets

Big six clear GRP fibreglass roofing sheets are constructed using high-quality glass-reinforced plastic which combines the strength of glass fibers with the versatility of plastic. GRP is known for its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance to corrosion, weathering and UV radiation, providing long-lasting protection to the underlying structure even in harsh environmental conditions. At the same time, the lightweight nature of GRP sheets makes installation easier and more cost-effective, besides placing less stress on the building's structure and reducing the need for additional support.

“Big six” refers to their profile shape which consists of six large waves or corrugations. This design not only adds strength to the sheets but also enhances their visual appeal, giving a distinct look to any structure they are used on.

In particular, the clear variant of these sheets (coming in different translucent colors) offers the additional benefit of natural daylighting, creating a brighter and more inviting interior space. By allowing sunlight to penetrate through the roof, cladding or skylight, therefore they reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, resulting in energy savings.

An alternative to Big six clear GRP fibreglass roofing sheets

The opaque version of big six GRP fiberglass roofing sheets is also available within Elyplast range by Brianza Plastica. Opaque sheets are a great alternative to concrete and metal sheets, offering easy handling, resistance to corrosive agents and replicating the aesthetic aspect of concrete slabs. In particular, the gray version mimics the aesthetic appearance of concrete slabs, providing the most similar waving and color effect. Therefore, GRP opaque sheets are commonly used as roofing for stables, agricultural buildings and industrial structures.

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