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Brianza Plastica: GRP rolls manufacturer since 1962

The Italian Company started its production nearly 60 years ago

In the Italy of the economic boom, when society woke up every day with new things capable of making daily life more comfortable, Brianza Plastica was able to provide building industry solutions that would change the way of experiencing life in spaces. One such solution were the fiberglass laminates conceived by Brianza Plastica which, during the early Sixties, conquered fields of use that had been unthinkable until then for a similar material, such as buildings, service stations and greenhouses. All the intuitions that accompanied the success of Brianza Plastica were a product of their time because they were born out of the will to solve tangible needs.

GRP rolls manufacturer - BRIANZA PLASTICA 

It was exactly this vision which led to create the solutions destined to extend the production to the industrial, agricultural and residential sectors, such as the Elyplast fiberglass laminates in rolls and sheets, designed to adapt to a huge variety of uses.

With Elyplast GRP rolls and sheets, Brianza Plastica succeeded in creating a translucent, unbreakable, light and easy to process product, an immensely important result to bring brightness and safety into any setting.

Nowadays, Brianza Plastica is one of the main GRP rolls manufacturer. The Company produces GRP rolls in Carate Brianza, the historical headquarters in the North of Italy, and sells its products all over the World.

GRP rolls: the right solution for different applications

Elyplast GRP rolls, in the translucent and opaque corrugated versions, are the ideal solution for a huge variety of applications: roofing, vertical curtain walls, fences, canopies, greenhouses and DIY solutions.

Instead, Elyplast GRP flat rolls are particularly suitable for vertical plugging. They are produced in various thicknesses, heights and lengths. They are an optimal solution to realize doors, windows and vertical closures, where the unbreakable construction guarantees safety against breakages and accidents.

GRP flat rolls are the ideal solution for a variety of applications, both for professional and do-it-yourself sectors. One of the more often used application is the realization of subpanels, covering the interior side of sandwich panels for agricultural and industrial buildings. Elyplast GRP flat rolls are also perfect for the construction of chimneys in stables, thanks to their high anti-corrosive properties.

Brianza Plastica: an eco-friendly GRP rolls manufacturer

A contribution to the leading position as GRP rolls producer is the Company’s Green attitude.

Brianza Plastica S.p.A. has always paid particular attention not only to the impact of its production processes on the environment, but above all on the extreme importance of analyzing the entire life cycle of its products, from design to end-of-life management, introducing the guidelines of the ECODESIGN, following the UNI EN ISO 14006, in 2020.

In all Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates production sites there are powerful vacuum systems to purify the production environment and funnel the solvents generated by the production process, in modern abatement plants that produce heat to power the plant itself and generate warm water for heating. This eco-friendly production mechanism is also compliant with the strict European legislation known as B.A.T. (Best Available Techniques).

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