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Brianza Plastica: an Italian GRP sheets producer since 1962

Secrets behind our leader position as GRP sheets producer

Located in Carate Brianza, the company started its activity in the far 1962 when the founder perceived the benefits of the fiberglass material and its multiple application fields. Thanks to this, in a short time, Brianza Plastica became a leader GRP sheets producer worldwide.

GRP sheets producer worldwide - BRIANZA PLASTICA

The common advantages of fiberglass compared to other plastics materials are: temperature range which goes from -40°C to +120°C, mechanical resistance, stability and durability to extreme weather conditions, low coefficient of thermal expansion and resistance to chemical agents. All these characteristics allow GRP sheets application in a large variety of fields: DIY, greenhouses, porches, industrial and agricultural buildings (both for covering or wall surfaces), water purification filters, stables, composting and tannery industries. Furthermore, its durability even on extreme weather conditions permits the application of Brianza Plastica products in multiple geographic areas, both in very cold territories and in warm countries. All these aspects have brought the company to be well-known worldwide confirming its leader position among GRP sheets producers.

The company pays a special attention to customer relation

During the years, Brianza Plastica GRP sheets producer has worked hard on relation with its clients. Being efficient and compliant with costumers’ needs around the world has always been a special pillar of the company’s mission. To pursue this value, a skilled commercial network, supported with marketing materials, follows and assists costumers even in post-sales steps. For example, the company is extremely careful to supply precise guidelines for a correct laying of its products. The main laying instructions are available to everyone on the download area of the company website and on Brianza Plastica YouTube channel.

The main steps for a correct laying of Elyplast by Brianza Plastica GRP sheets producer

Here below, the three main steps suggested by Brianza Plastica for a correct laying of Elyplast in covering of DIY structures are summarized. First, the following equipment is necessary to work correctly: screws, gaskets, gloves, goggles, meter, gauge, angle grinder, drill, electric screwer and silicone.

  • As first step, we suggest to correctly size and cut the sheets with an angle grinder. Laying the sheets from the bottom towards the top and perpendicular to the gutter line is recommended; the sheet must protrude at least 10cm on the eaves side.
  • Secondly, the hole must be considered: we suggest a diameter of the hole 3mm larger than the fixing. It is recommended to screw the fixing elements on every second wave, in the middle of the sheet, next to the joist; in case of side overlay of half a wave, we suggest to seal with silicone. The second sheet can be now laid and fixed. The same procedure must be followed for all the sheets on the first line.
Last but not least, we suggest to lay the first sheet of the second row on top of the first sheet of the previous row: an overlap of at least 20cm is recommended for slopes over 6°. The other sheets can be then laid following the same passages.

Other insights on our products

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