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Dimension stable GRP rolls: an irreversible advantage

Features and benefits of Elyplast dimension stable GRP rolls

Plenty of projects involving the realization of outdoor structures, which are inevitably exposed to atmospheric conditions, take advantages from Elyplast dimension stable GRP rolls. Indeed, high performance, structural integrity and long durability of coverings over time are strictly related to the dimensional stability of the used material. Fiberglass is notoriously insensitive to dimensional variations, to mean that it’s able to maintain the original shape without running into swelling, expansion, shrinkage and buckling throughout the exposure moisture and changes in temperatures. More precisely, Elyplast dimension stable GRP rolls resist to high levels of humidity and a wide range of temperatures going from -40°C to +120°C, doubling the capacity of other plastic materials. This makes their application flexible because they can be easily installed in any season and geographic area, including those typically characterized by extreme temperatures and strong day/night thermal excursion.

dimension stable GRP rolls

Possible applications

Given that dimension stable GRP rolls are extremely versatile in terms of environments and geographic areas of installation, there’s no even limit to the types of applications they can be used for. Thanks to their functionality and adaptability, Elyplast GRP rolls can be customized for the realization of curtain walls, roofs, skylights, openings and slots, doors, windows and vertical disclosures in general for any outdoor structure. Hence, they are ideally suited for residential and industrial buildings, agricultural structures like greenhouses, farms and livestock, but also DIY structures like pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on.

Other insights on GRP rolls

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