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The benefits of GRP sheets for skylights

GRP sheets for skylights

GRP sheets for skylights have long been a favored architectural solution. The exceptional features of fiberglass perfectly align with the needs of this application. Also, Brianza Plastica Elyplast product range counts different alternatives for architects and builders to create unique and aesthetically pleasing skylights.

Features and requirements of skylight applications

Choosing GRP sheets for skylights is a decision that combines functionality, aesthetics and cost-efficiency. Skylights are designed to bringing natural light into interior spaces, as well as creating a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. Therefore, fiberglass is perfect for its excellent transparency and light transmission, first. Also, it’s recommended for its high resistance to corrosion, impact, wind, heavy rain or hail rain, temperature fluctuations. This ensures that skylights maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality over time. Without compromising on strength, fiberglass is also significantly lighter than traditional materials like glass, making it easier to handle. That’s why the use of GRP sheets for skylights is also appreciated to reduce structural load and installation complexity in terms of labor time and costs.

Elyplast GRP sheets for skylights

Brianza Plastica produces GRP straight sheets which are typically used when skylights call for a more conventional, flat surface. Besides corrugated and ribbed profiles, standard natural clear version and other colors on request are available to add a unique visual element to skylights, enhancing the overall design. In addition, Elyplast line includes corrugated and ribbed GRP curved sheets which are designed to conform to arched or domed skylights.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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