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Mechanical resistant GRP sheets for untouched structures

Properties of mechanical resistant GRP sheets

The continuous lamination process with a stratification of polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement is a prime solution for Brianza Plastica to manufacture mechanical resistant GRP sheets. Moreover, Elyplast sheets can be protected by a special gelcoat or polyester film which act as a surface protection. According to the advantages of mechanical resistance property, this composite provides a high degree of rigidity under various stresses, such as pressure and traction. Indeed, among their technical specifications, GRP sheets feature flexural rigidity and tensile strength which make them resistant against shocks, breakages, scratches and abrasion caused by impacts or aggressive atmospheric conditions. Of course, the installation of mechanical resistant GRP sheets ensures long life to any kind of roof, coverture or disclosure because they can retain their structural and functional integrity overtime. This high strength, supported by other benefits like low coefficient of thermal expansion and corrosion resistance, for their relative low weight is the main reason why fiberglass laminates are so appreciated and preferred as a better alternative solution when compared to metal sheets.

A guarantee for any kind of building or structure

As mechanical resistant GRP sheets, Elyplast laminates are a very versatile solution since they meet the prerequisite of stiffness which is basically required to build safe and long-lasting structures, able to withstand damage risks and atmospheric agents they are daily exposed to. Therefore, our products can be used to create roofs, vertical disclosures and skylights in industrial buildings, as well as in agricultural buildings like livestock or greenhouses. Moreover, Elyplast GRP sheets qualities can be exploited by DIY enthusiasts too for the construction of pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences and so on.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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