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Elyplast fiberglass laminates: the best alternative to metal sheets for roofing

Metal sheets are among the most common traditional roofing materials existing nowadays. However, other alternative roofing materials can be optimal for the same different applications as well.

Elyplast GRP sheets are certainly the best alternative to metal sheets for roofing and covering, thanks to their fiberglass reinforcement (GFRP) and the related advantages of this material. In particular, Elyplast fiberglass laminates production features chemical and mechanical resistance, long lasting and easy maneuverability. Moreover, the combination of these qualities makes these slabs both versatile and adaptable to multiple covering applications.

Elyplast fiberglass laminates - alternative to metal sheets for roofing

Elyplast GRP opaque sheets are widely used as substitutes of metal sheets and concrete for the realization of industrial and agricultural buildings, due exactly to the combination of easy maneuverability and high resistance to corrosion, caused by atmospheric or chemical aggressive conditions.

Hence, we can sum up the convenient reasons why GRP sheets are the ideal alternative to metal sheets for roofing as follows:

  • Resistance to corrosion and acids, resulting in no creation of rust
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Lighter weight and consequent easy handling
  • Reduced noisiness
  • UV protection
  • Durability and long lasting

In addition, Elyplast GRP opaque sheets are available in different colors, including light and dark grey, green and brick red. Moreover, other colors are available on request.

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