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elyplast grp sheets and grp rolls
grp sheets for roofing and other applications

Surface protection for Elyplast

gelcoat and film


Elyplast sheets can be protected by a selected isophthalic resin (gelcoat) applied on the outside surface during the lamination phase. Gelcoat offers a stable surface which is resistant to atmospheric pollutants, is shock resistant and ensures the laminate retains its structural and functional integrity over time.


Elyplast sheets can be protected by a special polyester film, which acts as a surface protection for the fiberglass laminate, ensuring a high level of resistance to weather abrasion and limiting the rising of the glass fiber.


Elyplast sheets can be protected by an anti-UV polyester film, which is particularly resistant against UV, so to ensure that the protected sheet retains its original characteristics over time, avoiding surface abrasion and slowing down the process of colour fading.