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GRP flat rolls for subpanels

Polyester rolls are suitable for many different applications, both for professional and do-it-yourself usage. GRP flat rolls for subpanels is certainly one of the more often used applications. In particular, GRP flat rolls are the ideal solution to cover the interior side of sandwich panels for agricultural and industrial buildings. Although these products find special approval and use in the livestock sector, their application cover all agricultural and industrial buildings.

GRP flat rolls for subpanels

Reasons to use GRP flat rolls for subpanels

The launch of fibreglass as material for the exterior finishing of subpanels has been a turning point for modern sandwich panels and now it is an increasingly chosen option for this kind of application, compared to other conventional materials. This is due to the following convenient properties and strengths:

  • high mechanical resistance
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • resistance to chemical agents and corrosion
  • lightness
  • easy manoeuvrability
  • resistance to high-pressure cleaners
  • long-lasting

In summary, Elyplast rolls are light but strong. They provide an excellent resistance to several aggressive conditions, including corrosion, chemicals, moisture, all weather conditions, stress forces, fire and heat. Moreover, heat insulation capability depends on the filling material and fibreglass flat rolls have a low coefficient of thermal expansion performing this main feature.
Finally, Elyplast GRP flat rolls are available in different colors (white is the standard one), thicknesses, widths and lengths, according to customers’ needs.

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