Grp sheets and grp rolls by Brianza plastica,
leader manufacturer of fibreglass laminates
elyplast grp sheets and grp rolls
grp sheets for roofing and other applications

GRP sheets and rolls for agricultural buildings

Elyplast GRP sheets and rolls are the ideal products for farms and agricultural constructions due to:

  • mechanical resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • lightness
  • ease of handling and installation
  • simplicity of cleaning
GRP sheets for roofing


grp sheets for roofing

Elyplast, in its grp opaque sheets version of Elyonda, is widely used as roofing for stables and agricultural buildings as an alternative to concrete and metal slabs thanks to its extreme ease of handling and resistance to corrosive agents.

Elyonda grp opaque sheets

GRP sheets for skylights  

grp sheets for skylights

The excellent mechanical resistance and diffused light passage make the Elyplast grp translucent roof sheets the ideal solution for creating skylights in agricultural buildings.

On request, additional protections such as Melinex – standard or anti-UV – or gelcoat.

GRP straight sheets

GRP flat rolls for chimneys  

GRP flat rolls for Chimneys

Thanks to their anti-corrosive properties, Elyplast GRP flat rolls are widely used in the construction of chimneys in stables

GRP flat rolls

Special Fibreglass Laminates for Walls  

Special Fibreglass Laminates for Walls

Great resistance to impact and easy washability, as well as extreme versatility, allow creating all types of wall panels for indoor and outdoor use.


Elyplan Embossed

Elyplan Extra-glass

GRP flat rolls for subpanels  

GRP flat rolls for subpanels

The Elyplast GRP flat rolls rolls are the ideal solution to create sandwich panels (inner layer), thanks to their resistance to corrosion, easy washability and excellent resistance to high-pressure cleaners.

GRP flat rolls (for subpanels internal side)